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Property Preservations

Experienced & Reliable. Your forever choice.

Why Cypress

Experienced Property Preservation Manager boasting over 5+ years of exceptional professional background in Real Estate, Business Management, and Federal Contracts with prominent entities like Freddie Mac, FM, VA, GSE, and HUD. Proficient in Finance, P&L Management, Property Preservation, Renovations, Construction Contracting, Asset Management, and Federal Contract Management. Specialized in serving multi-million-dollar companies, with a keen focus on financial accounting, CECL Fundamentals, financial data reporting, and expense reimbursements.
Skilled in delivering comprehensive business services to safeguard and manage valuable land assets for homeowners, businesses, and government agencies. Expertise includes overseeing residential and commercial renovations, exterior enhancements (e.g., roofing, facades, windows), and upgrades to building systems (e.g., boiler rooms, switchgear, plumbing). Diligently tracks project operations, staff, schedules, deliverables, expenses, budgets, and risk management strategies.

Our strategy,
Your success.

Consults with executive stakeholders to develop strategic plans and goals aimed at enhancing quality assurance, safety standards, and compliance with regulatory requirements for new projects. Capable of making informed decisions regarding removal and cleanout processes.
At Cypress, we excel in providing prompt and efficient property cleanup services. Our dedicated team ensures a safe, positive, and productive experience for all involved. With our comprehensive suite of professional services, including complete cleanouts, junk removals, foreclosure cleanouts, and property preservation services, we cater to all your Spotless Cleanout needs. Our experts offer upfront free estimates and a convenient mobile booking system, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind while we handle all the hard work.

  • Property Preservation Manager with over 5+ years of outstanding professional experiences in Real Estate, Business,

  • Federal contracts Freddie Mac, FM, VA, GSE, HUD, Finance, P&L Management, and Tax Preparation for multi-million-dollar companies.

  • Highly adept at financial accounting, CECL Fundamentals financial data reporting, finance statements, expense reimbursements, bank reconciliations, and revenue sales growth.

  • Delivering business services to manage and protect valuable land assets for home/business owners, government agencies and private companies.

  • Managing residential and commercial renovations, exterior work (e.g., roofing, facades, windows), and upgrades to building systems (e.g., boiler rooms, switch gear, and plumbing).

  • Tracking project operations, staff, schedules, deliverables, expenses, budget, and risk management.

  • Consulting with executive stakeholders on the strategic planning process and goals to improve quality assurance, safety, and compliance on new projects.​

  • Removal debris, appliances, waste disposal, Electronics, Furniture, Mattresses, Yard waste, Hazardous or construction waste, Dirt fill, Tree clipping/ trimming, old materials such as flooring, carpets, walls, doors, windows, and other fixtures.

  • Deep cleaning, commercial cleaning, make ready cleaning, REO cleaning, removal of grafitti, sales interior and exterior cleaning, 

  • Infestation Removal

  • Repairs and MaintenanceBasic Plumbing and Basic Electrical


Cypress Enterprise Solutions Inc. collaborates with Real Estate Offices and banks to provide a seamless and efficient solution for your TRASHOUT requirements. Our friendly and trusted team possesses the expertise to manage projects of any scale, allowing professionals to concentrate on delivering excellent service to our clients. Here are some key benefits tailored to meet your business needs:

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